Media Information Literacy


In your own opinion, What makes individual literate in media and information?

In my own opinion people become literate in media and information, because as what I can observe modern technology is popular in our century. They use technology as their time killer and some are they use media to be updated in some information. Media needs to be able to understand and communicate and last is to enables to interpret.

People become literate in media and information because they want to explore or to know how to use media as well as to become skillful creator of information and media messages in their own. The people must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate and evaluate the needed information.

To be able to become a media literate is not to memorize facts or statistics about the media but rather to learn. Therefor media information literacy is more helpful to the students to become literate in using media because they can use this knowledge in searching information.

What activities/ hobbit do you practice which illustrate media and information literacy? Give at least three example.

Media information literacy is important in our life because we rise in a modern technology. Social media is more important to us because aside from watching TV, and listening Radio, we can use our phone or gadgets to search some information.

Media information is so important to us, because those people who are in a work or n a travel they can use their phone or gadgets to watch news and search information. For me as a student media literacy is so important because some of our project are online research and must be printed. It is also helpful because if I’m so bored I’ll go to Youtube to watch movies, music video, cartoons, and beauty pageant. And also the application messenger is so important to the people who have a family member in other country. I myself I have also a Sister in Georgia and Auntie in Arizona through messenger I can connect to them I can greet them, also I can talk to them through video call. Facebook also is helpful because you can get some information, you can also like some page like Manila Bulletin, GMA news, ABS-CBN, and

Lastly media information is important not because it is a time killer but it gives a good ad real information. And it is also helpful to the people to be able to communicate t the other people specially their family. And it can also help to know what is happening to our society nowadays.